23 | 05 | 2017


Take Part

Registration must be in no later than Friday November 25th, 2016.

“Greening the Islands” offers several opportunities to companies and to administrators of islands.

If you represent a company in the energy, water, waste or sustainable mobility sectors, joining the Conference will allow you to:

  • Gain precious insight on the situation of many islands and countries: learn about their priorities, constraints and investment programs; meet their administrators; talk to them about the implementation of investment and best practices.
  • Meet in a single location decision makers from islands separated by great distances. By using the opportunity of Greening the Island, the value proposition of your company is very likely to reach the people, who really need them. Once implemented, solutions can be replicated in countless islands around the world, in other remote locations or on the mainland.
  • Meet representatives of prestigious media. Let them know about the solutions implemented by your company.
  • Become part of the Greening the Islands’ network. The importance of our conferences is growing year by year.. Furthermore, the Greening the Islands’ Newsletter ensure continuity and visibility to the initiatives discussed in the various conferences.
  • Make your company known to those, who really need to be aware of your product and services. Your company’s visibility will not be limited to the conference. With your consent, we will publish presentations, images of the venue, and footage of speeches and discussions on the Greening the Islands’ website (see on this website the example of the 2015 conference in Malta).

If you are involved in the administration of an island, joining the Conference will allow you to:

  • Obtain update on technological innovation and best practices in islands. Meet leading technology providers. Learn about what can really be done and the economics of integrated solutions for the environment. Successful solutions can be easily replicated in many islands.
  • Meet your colleagues in other islands. Exchange experiences in dealing with multilateral institutions and central governments.
  • Make yourselves heard by national governments, international organizations and media. Islands are natural laboratories for climate change adaptation and integrated solutions for energy, water, waste and mobility. They deserve financial and legislative support. The conferences are backed by the Greening the Islands’ Scientific Committee, which joins islands’ governments, international institutions, industry associations, media and other stakeholders, who continually share their knowledge on technological, economic and political developments.

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